Salsa – Birthday Everyday

“Birthday Everyday” is a story about resilience and unconditional love, even when the world is falling apart. A project that brought us an important reflection on the importance of emotional support and the relativisation of time when life exposes all its fragility and finitude.

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Director: Salsa


Agency: Mortierbrigade

Executive Producer: Eurydice Gysel

Producer: Rien Behaeghe

DOP: Sander Vandenbroucke

Art Director: Beatriz Arteaga

Editor: Robin De Praetere

Grading: Olivier Ogneux

Online: Robin De Praetere

Post Production: Czar

Post Producer: Bieke De Keersmaecker

Sound: Gregory Caron

Music: RÁAE

Music Production: RÁAE and Nixon Silva