Shillington Education

Shillington Education, a graphic design school, approached us with a wide open brief to develop a manifesto film to inspire prospective students.

They wanted a completely different look and feel to their existing films. So we took this project from start to finish: developing the script, art direction, animation and sound design. Totally our kind of project!

There were a lot of considerations to take into account ahead of production: delivery in multiple aspect ratios, cut-downs, social media implementations, captioning (and so on).

So we approached the design and animation in a way that gave us flexibility in terms of composition and timing, allowing efficient conversion across formats and implementations.

Our favorite projects are when we can work closely with our clients. Shillington put a lot of trust in us to lead this one and loved the result. That’s the best feeling.

Project Managment:
Script, Creative Direction, Design, Animation and Sound: