Work Better at Home with Logitech

Logitech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of devices for personal computers. Its Ergonomics Division reached Production powerhouse & Clim Studio to create a visual language that help them to speak about ergonomics in a fun, fresh, and off-beat way.

So we created a small library of Animated loops, static images and props to go alongside their tips on how to do better when we work.

Produced by:
Clim Studio +
Executive Producer:
Clim & Claudia
Creative Direction & Concepts:
Prop & Set Design:
Prop & Set Design
CG & Animation Lead:
Edgar Ferrer
2D & 3D Character Development:
Clim, Min Ryu & Edgar Ferrer
Modelling & Rigging:
Sebastian Pfeifer
2D/3D Animation:
Edgar Ferrer
Character Animation:
Laura Sirvent
Edgar Ferrer
Color Treatment:
Director’s Cut Music:
QB Sound
Executive Creative Director:
Chris Perris
Senior Business Manager / Digital Wellness:
Camille Mercier
Senior Content Producer:
Martin Ihle
Creative Strategists:
Michael Kirwan & Pierre Sponchiado